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Under our management philosophy, “The Creation of New Value,” Konica Minolta has developed businesses and strived to be a corporation that continues to create inspiring products and services in the field of imaging, as well as a global approach to the delivery of cutting edge technology.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia is a market leading provider of integrated print hardware and software solutions with the power to transform the business environment. As a technology innovator, Konica Minolta invests continually in research and development in order to deliver inspiring products and give shape to ideas.

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TOSIBOX® simple and effective. There network has a padlock on it, a hardware firewall The Tosibox.Lock. The Tosibox lock will only allow remote access to devices that are fitted with a Tosibox Key – and USB key device. This makes them portable and not machine dependent, and represent a hardware layer to manage the intrusion by hackers.

TOSIBOX® is a masterpiece of Finnish engineering, a patented innovation, a solution that lets you forget about data security and connections. With it you will save time and money, and be able to concentrate on what’s important – your business. TOSIBOX® – the new standard of secure remote connections.


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