Copier, Printing, Scanning and Document Solutions

Our World is Changing

Whilst change is the only constant. there is value in understanding how it is changing, and how we address changes will have an important impact on our long term survival.

The Market is Changing

  • Gartner (leading US IT research consultants) confirm that there has been a 2.6 drop in the Printer/Copier MFP market
  • The migration trends they identify are from Printers to Multi Function Printers and from A3 to A4
  • MFP’s need to become Document Hubs with a focus of higher scanning speeds
  • Apps and  Cloud Computing Connectivity have changed the way devices connect
  • Mobile print is on the increase, and a growing demand to print from multiple apps across multiple devices
  • Managed Print Services will morph into Managed Document Workflow Services.

CBTech Marketing Strategy

  • Customer Retention and Extension – with a focus of informed content rather than spin
  • Technicians to be aware of customer needs and growth potential and how we might meet them
  • Make Use of Professional Marketing Services and Strategies
  • A Focus on Software – (scan, workflow, retrieve, crm) MFP connectivity, Secure Access, Mobile Print
  • Develop Customer Training Schedules and workflow print software systems
  • Develop and engage in greater IT services, hardware systems, and access connectivity.

Customers Can Expect

  • Our Staff to be more interested in helping with your whole information flow
  • To have a ready source of information as to how to improve document workflows
  • Cost Savings and a genuine Environment Concern for how we do business
  • To be made aware of changes in the industry that may be of benefit to them.

Prospects Can Expect

  • Staff who will know what they are talking about
  • Up To date Cost effective Solutions with an eye to the future
  • A more integrated Approach to what we deliver and how we deliver it.